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Special Food for Special Guests at Your Special Wedding Day

Every time you come to a wedding that is an attraction besides seeing the happiness of the bride and groom is enjoying the dishes that have been provided by the bride and groom. It is undeniable that food is the main attraction at a wedding. Starting from snacks, appetizers, main meals to desserts. Not only […]

Try This Unique Wedding Favor. Tea Wedding Favor.

For Wedding Favor, sometimes we don’t have to pay expensive fees. When we are creative, we can use products that are cheap but beautifully packaged. One of the unique and custom-made Wedding Favor is Tea Wedding Favor. The raw material is easy to get and to wrap it is also not too difficult. Tea Wedding […]

25+ Wedding Favors Ideas For Your Guest

These Wedding Favors usually become a mark at every wedding. The shape can vary. Usually the shape is small objects that are commonly used for decoration at home. Such as small glasses, bottle openers, wallets, small plants, and other items. Unique items will usually be more in demand by the bride and groom as a […]