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Wedding Story: Dream of Your Marriage.

Mate can not be predicted when will be present in our lives. Some were met at a young age of around 20 years. But there are also those who are met at the age of over 40 years. Yes that’s unique about a match. Everyone will experience their respective phases. There will be exciting stories that will be experienced. Likewise married. Marriage is unpredictable when it will be held. Unless everything is ready.

Marriage is everyone’s dream. Marrying a loved one and enjoying life after marriage is everyone’s dream. I also like that. I remember, I once made a wishlist to get married at the end of October in 2015. But when the deadline came, the month of October was only missed without any story.

This is my story, who married in his 30s.

Entering the age of 30 years with an unstable financial condition is something that makes me think hard. How dare I think about marriage, if only my financial affairs are still not good. Meanwhile, my friends who were the same age as me, had already been married and had children. Not to mention the insistence of my family to get married quickly. And, the most important thing at that time, I still hadn’t found the right partner to get married. Pathetic.

At that time I was struggling with one of the businesses that I started in 2014. Business in the online field that finally made me able to breathe more comfortably. Even though at that time did not have savings for the future. Just enough to live. Something I’m very grateful for.

Being left behind by my partner is not a new story, because my economic condition is not good, making me experience it. Broken heart? Certainly. But once again, this is something to be thankful for in my life.

Outside my plan, 2015 I was brought together by someone. Without a long drama. Everything is fast paced, I invited her to get married. Without a well-planned plan. Without sufficient finance. Reckless. And, it turns out that person I want to get married. Surprise. My family was surprised by my plan. Many do not believe, so do I. Didn’t expect to get married that soon.

Early in 2016, I was married.

There are many hands of God that helped make this marriage happen. Help came from all directions. I am very grateful for what happened. A miracle happened in my life. Fortune always comes after I get married. Thanks God.

Important note that I took. Sometimes we never know when God will answer our prayers. God’s time is different from the time we expect. Just do your best. Believe in God. Surely a miracle will happen in your life.

I experienced this miracle, surely you will also experience it. Dream of your marriage.

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