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Getting Married in This Year? This Is The Color Trend of Marriage in 2019

Every wedding surely wants something special and special. This is not surprising because the moment of marriage becomes the first and last moment in a life. Although there are also those who experience marriage up to 2 or 3 times. But generally, everyone only wants one marriage in his lifetime.

Well, for those of you who are getting married this year, it never hurts to listen to what are the color trends in a wedding in 2019. Who knows some of these colors are the color trends of your dreams and can inspire your marriage. curious as to what? Check this out!

  1. White
    The white color is still a trend that never dies. White is synonymous with sacred meanings and sincerity often decorate wedding themes with modern, classical and traditional themes.
    This color is very beautiful to mix and match with any color. Moreover, marriage as a symbol of the sacred promise between the two beings for a lifetime and, white color is very well suited.
  2. Gold
    In recent years it seems that the color of gold has become one of the most popular trends for potential brides. Some top celebrities also use it. This is not surprising because the gold color is a symbol of luxury.
  3. Living Coral colors
    As for the current generation of millenials, there are many who use the living coral color. This color trend is taken from the pantone trend. Where combines modern and classical concepts.

    So what do you think? Are some color trends in the wedding above a favorite for you? basically every bride has her own taste. Consult with experts to be able to create the marriage of your dreams.

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