Wedding Imagination wedding ideas,wedding theme 35+ Mountain Wedding Theme Ideas

35+ Mountain Wedding Theme Ideas

Mountain Wedding Theme

Having a dream wedding with a unique theme, is surely the dream of all couples around the world. No wonder so many couples want to spend the budget to realize the concept of their marriage. Yes this is a dream, when realized, will be the best achievement in our lives.

Many unique marriage concepts. One of them is a wedding that is done outdoors with a mountain background. It was indeed strange to hold a wedding in a mountain. There will be lots of questions that arise to prepare it. But that’s where he called, the challenge to prepare a dream marriage concept became a reality.

The concept of Mountain Wedding is indeed favored by many people. Because this concept is a combination of several wedding concepts, namely rustic wedding and outdoor wedding. It’s exciting, but also more challenges. There are so many details of wedding preparation that need to be considered.

Starting from how guests to the location, electrical problems, technical problems, outside of the mandatory needs such as clothes, food, invitations and others. Technical things that need to be thought in more detail.

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