25+ Country Wedding Theme Ideas

A wedding in the country has something very charming. Make yours timeless and graceful by coordinating details. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Wedding Dress

Wear comfortable clothing, given the relaxed atmosphere of the country’s wedding theme. This includes summer dresses, light fabrics and lace-ups for ladies and casual shirts, khaki’s or even jeans for men. You can also ask a seller of cowboy boots or hats.

Location, decor and food

A wedding in the country clearly needs a rural setting. If you attend a ceremony, you are in the house with the hay benches for guests. You already went to the wedding party with the hay.

Renting a barn or a farm would be ideal for your meeting place. Use picnic tables and checkered tablecloths. Add atmosphere with lanterns, candles and sparkling lights and decorate antiques wherever you want.

The elements can be put back, but you need to unite your color scheme for a clearer, more coherent and more modern look. For example, use groups of personalities such as tables and tablecloths and ask the bridesmaid to wear dresses and bouquets of the same color.

A relaxed country wedding is the perfect setting for a food truck. Rent your favorite food truck after dinner. Your guests will be happy to spoil you with a delicious late-night snack.


Instead of wearing a bunch of roses, you wear a bunch of sunflowers, wildflowers, or wildflowers. Place centerpieces and large flower arrangements in large old jars and place smaller groups of flowers in pots. The non-matching vases are also a picturesque touch.


Why not embroider your invitation on a sample of countries, photograph it and print it on the invitations? If you know an experienced graphic designer, he may also be able to simulate the appearance of the sewn sampler.

When you take engagement photos, you take the photos in a rustic setting, such as a real barn, woodland, or a similar exterior decor.

The music

A wedding in a rustic barn is perfect for catchy music. A group of bluegrass or country lets your guests dance the night away. If you really like country music, you can dance online, do square dance or Texas in two stages. And if you are really brave and want to excite your guests, hire a mechanical bull!


A wedding at home is the perfect event to make favors by hand. Prepare cookies and wrap them in nice paper or in a delicate box. If you can’t find your way in a kitchen and you can’t distinguish salt and sugar, you can always buy sweets from a local bakery. You can also package small quantities of fresh local products, such as a pint of strawberry, vine tomatoes or a bunch of grapes.

Special keys

Because your ceremony and / or reception is likely to take place outdoors, your guests must remain calm and chase the nasty insects – you can even print the wedding program on the fan.

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