40+ Bohemian Wedding Ideas New

Longing for an unforgettable wedding is everyone’s dream. There are so many marriage concepts in this world. Some are formal, some are casual. Some are expensive, but there are also others that are cheap. Everything can be adapted to the concept chosen and the situation. There is one interesting concept that is currently trending. Boho Wedding or Bohemian Wedding. The concept of a unique marriage is a combination of several existing marriage concepts. Suitable for couples who want a different concept of marriage.

The concept of this marriage looks like a Rustic Wedding, but also looks like a Vintage Wedding. Yes indeed, of the two concepts, the Bohemian Wedding concept was created. The concept is not too formal and tends to break old things. These new marriage concepts if not properly communicated to families can be a problem. Because usually every family has rules and customs in every event that is held.

The concept of Bohemian Wedding or Boho Wedding is more suitable when held for private parties. Only invite family and relatives to attend the wedding. But that does not mean it can not be used for events that are general.

In the gallery, we have many references related to Bohemian Wedding or Boho Wedding, hopefully it can be an inspiration.

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