Month: August 2019

Complement of Wedding Decorations Ideas that are Necessary and Commonly Used for All Wedding Themes

Speaking of wedding decorations, of course, every bride wants something special. Even the concept of marriage is sometimes an ideal when still a teenager. The concept of this decoration will usually be adjusted to the theme raised, for example the concept of rustic marriage, modern herritage and so forth. What you need to know is […]

Getting Married in This Year? This Is The Color Trend of Marriage in 2019

Every wedding surely wants something special and special. This is not surprising because the moment of marriage becomes the first and last moment in a life. Although there are also those who experience marriage up to 2 or 3 times. But generally, everyone only wants one marriage in his lifetime. Well, for those of you […]

25+ Wedding Favors Ideas For Your Guest

These Wedding Favors usually become a mark at every wedding. The shape can vary. Usually the shape is small objects that are commonly used for decoration at home. Such as small glasses, bottle openers, wallets, small plants, and other items. Unique items will usually be more in demand by the bride and groom as a […]

100+ Delicious Wedding Dessert Ideas To Serve

Have you ever come in a wedding and then you take a peek at what will be the wedding dessert at the wedding? Quiet. You are not alone. Many people do it. Very interesting is not it? Many people want to know what menu will be served as a main meal for the wedding. Wedding […]

35+ Beautifull Silhouette Pre Wedding Photography

Getting married becomes a big dream in everyone’s life. Happiness, adventure, experience and many things that make marriage into one of the biggest events ever held. Once in a lifetime. And realize that dream with the best. One of the most awaited is when the pre wedding photo shoot. The bride and groom couples are […]

35+ Mountain Wedding Theme Ideas

Mountain Wedding Theme Having a dream wedding with a unique theme, is surely the dream of all couples around the world. No wonder so many couples want to spend the budget to realize the concept of their marriage. Yes this is a dream, when realized, will be the best achievement in our lives. Many unique […]

25+ Country Wedding Theme Ideas

A wedding in the country has something very charming. Make yours timeless and graceful by coordinating details. Here are some ideas to get you started. Wedding Dress Wear comfortable clothing, given the relaxed atmosphere of the country’s wedding theme. This includes summer dresses, light fabrics and lace-ups for ladies and casual shirts, khaki’s or even […]

55+ Centerpiece Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

When preparing a wedding, many important things need to be prepared. This inevitably must be realized by the bride and groom. Not only matters of clothing, food and buildings, but many knick knacks that must be prepared. One of them is centerpiece wedding table decoration. Do you realize that even though it is only decoration […]

40+ Bohemian Wedding Ideas New

Longing for an unforgettable wedding is everyone’s dream. There are so many marriage concepts in this world. Some are formal, some are casual. Some are expensive, but there are also others that are cheap. Everything can be adapted to the concept chosen and the situation. There is one interesting concept that is currently trending. Boho […]